• Our crew We specialise in communication for businesses and organisations in the fire and disaster prevention, rescue, safety and security sectors. We know that the demands in these sectors are high, because only the best quality and reliable products are good enough when it comes to rescuing and protecting lives. As active firefighters with many years of experience, we know what is required of and the demands placed on emergency services personnel and materials. As marketing specialists, we know which communication tools you can use to market your product and services and promote your businesses and organisations. We would be happy to help you in your marketing with our experience and expertise. Find out more about our team and our services here on our website. And if we can help you, do not hesitate to give us a call!
  • Fabian Kreutz
    Managing Director & Fire Inspector
    Age: 33, joined the service in: 1996

    Positions held:
    Managing Director of the agency smart media solutions GmbH
    and the company smart event GbR

    Honorary positions held:
    Active member of fire and rescue service,
    press spokesman, fire prevention educator

    I am always on fire...

    "...for new projects and assignments.
    My interests include the development of concepts and
    in particular the drafting of texts and contact with the media."
  • Manuel Trilling
    Managing Director & Fire Officer
    Age: 30, joined the service in: 2005

    Positions held:
    Managing Director of the agency smart media solutions GmbH
    and the company smart event GbR

    Honorary positions held:
    Active member of fire and rescue service, instructor

  • Patrick Schulte
    Project Manager & Senior Fire Inspector
    Age: 41, joined the service in: 1992

    Position held:
    Project manager of the agency smart media solutions GmbH

    Honorary positions held:
    Active member of fire and rescue service, Battalion Chief, member of crisis unit

  • Our Team:
    always on fire
    Jovana Dittrich, Creative Director
    Maria Wittmann, Designer
    Patrick Schulte, Project Manager
    Simon Kreutz, Project Manager
    Manuel Trilling, Managing Director
    Fabian Kreutz, Managing Director
    Lore Ising-Kreutz, Accounting

Our mission

Our mission is defined clearly: we help businesses and organisations in the fire and disaster prevention, rescue and security sectors in their communication.

Depending on the situation, we can help you with all your communication needs, whether your project is big or small. Whether you need help with print or online media, want to organise an event or a trade fair presentation, require help in your public relations or would like to develop a new communication and marketing concept, we would be happy to help you in all of these areas.

Our clear competitive advantage is that, due to our team’s many years of experience in the fire and rescue service and training, we know the needs of your target groups precisely and how best to address them. We speak the same language, possess a wide range of expertise and are continually expanding our network.

You too can benefit from our services, which we would like to introduce to you below.

Our services:
Print, online and social media

What is nicer than holding a high-quality, freshly printed document in your hand? Not much, we think.
Whether flyers, posters, presentation folders, image brochures or hardcover books, the designing of print media is one of our particular strengths. From the initial design concept to the drafting of content and to the pre-print stage, we look after the complete preparation of your printed matter.

An appealing website not only looks good. Its structure is well thought out, it can be used intuitively and offers real added value. We are therefore at your disposal throughout the entire development process. From the initial design concept to the screen design, the drafting of content, the programming and to the launch. We use almost exclusively content management systems (CMS) so that you can maintain and update your website yourself independently and without any programming knowledge.

Facebook, Twitter & co: social media channels are used today by companies as a matter of course, nevertheless new needs and questions arise all the time. We develop with you strategies for the use of social networks, advise you continually and manage for example your Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. Here our young team is an advantage, we are always on the ball when it comes to the latest developments in the area of social media.

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Our services:
Communication concepts

For us strategic advice means that we provide extensive advice and develop lasting communication concepts.
We develop not only clever ideas for advertising and PR, but also results-oriented campaigns.

Lots of agencies and freelance designers can create promotional material.
We, on the other hand, attach great importance to a creative and at the same time well thought-out strategic basis.

Our young team comprising marketing experts, designers and industry insiders not only develops creative ideas, but also puts these into practice with design and text of the highest level. In the process, the team always focuses on the customer and the customer’s unique philosophy, ideas and visions. As a result the team is able to create successful campaigns, print and online media that are truly tailored to the customer.

Our services:
PR & live communication

Media editorial teams know us. And we know the editorial teams. We have worked for a range of newspapers and today we look after the public relations of many businesses, organisations and local authorities. We can present your information so that it can be optimally used in the media - and thereby get across the message in a most effective way.

We provide advice, write texts, put together press releases and take care of the public relations work at events. Experience has shown us that we are good at what we do.

Live communication and event management are our particular interests, the areas to which "our heart belongs". We will work for businesses who would like to use events as a marketing tool or would like to hand over the organisation and hosting of company celebrations, anniversaries, open days, incentives or product presentations completely to an agency. We also help a number of businesses and organisations in the planning and organisation of their trade fair presentations, including at this year’s Interschutz, the world’s leading exhibition for firefighting and disaster relief, rescue, safety and security in Hannover.

Our assignments
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We have many years of experience of assignments and communications work.
Many businesses, organisations and local authorities have already benefited from working with us.

Please feel free to gain a first impression of our work. Just follow us on facebook.
And we would be happy to discuss our projects with you in person. Simply give us a call!

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